Trend of Totosite and Recommendation and Verification Method of Major Gallery

Originally, private Toto sites in the past were the form that only sports games could bet on. As a result, people began to gather on the score site where they could check the score of the game they bet on in real time, and there was a mini game that started in one of them, which was so famous that anyone who played Toto knew it.
The start is a game called "Named," which originally provides Scoreservis, which points the score website holds and gets the winning points proportional to the points it bet if it wins the game every five minutes to match every five minutes.Eat and run verification site warranty company Banner company
However, a single betting event called mini-game was created when private sites provided the game to their sites. In the case of sports betting, the results are long, but in the case of these mini games, the results can be seen much faster every five minutes, and there are convenient parts that vary from private sites, but the method is easy with a high dividend of at least 1.9 times, causing not only those who bet only sports but also those who bet only these mini games to come in.
The name ladder game has brought a lot of issues as it is a leader in the mini-game industry, such as the operation of Toto Site, the CEO of Named, the leakage of Named Results, and manipulation. 안전놀이터
Obviously, the CEO of Named and his group were arrested for operating a private Toto site, which operated a private betting site since March 2011 to make it easier to recruit members and gain their own advantage.
Leaving these big social issues behind, the fact that they are still operating well without closure is ostensibly the score website itself, Named, has no legal problems. At the time of the arrest, it was confirmed that the position of CEO of the Named was handed over to his immediate family, and it can be seen that the company information at the bottom of the Named site is being sold from time to time, and the original CEO and his party have not been confirmed.Totosite
As score sites raise their stock prices with such simple mini games, Korea's ethnic characteristics are immediately displayed, and these score sites are created exponentially, providing these mini-game services from one to ten, and courting private Toto sites.
Of course, there are score sites that have successfully entered the private Toto market, but even though mini-games are gradually losing credibility due to problems such as leaks and manipulation, they are still rampant because they can't help but use the games despite various problems that users are already used to them.Totosite
As mini-games from other live-score sites gradually enter the private Toto market, Named creates a devil's game with game results every three minutes of online casino, which is the same way of ladder.
As evidenced by the fact that it was made by grasping the characteristics of Koreans who did not like to wait, only the time when the results were released was different, but the public reaction to the game was very explosive. (Since then, all other mini games have been added three-minute games.)
In the era of the spring mini-game, when there were many Toto sites that closed their doors due to such manipulation and leakage, there was a savior who appeared like a comet: MGM Live Game (currently OZ Live). The way to proceed with the game was to use real-time video transmissions like live casinos to match cards, and in the case of Baccarat games, players, bankers, and ties were matched. As the game is played through real-time video, MGM game was the best game in the context of the situation rather than the crude mini game, as it can be seen as a much more fair game than the existing mini-game implemented by the program. 메이저놀이터
Unlike mini-games that can be used free of charge, however, there was a disadvantage of having to pay for the transmission fee separately, but the choice was natural as there were more benefits than losses. However, MGM games also hit private websites, and despite being a live game, there have been organizations that sell MGM leaks on the spot like Named and other mini games. In the event of this happening, the companies are always denying it, saying it is not true, but a lot of evidence has already been obtained.
Because of these mini-game leaks, the victims must be really unjustly sanctioned members and private Toto sites. The people behind these incidents are just a group of people who are fueling this mudslinging behind the scenes. Eat and run verification site warranty company Banner company